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Semacon was founded in San Diego, California USA in 1998. Since our inception, Semacon has grown rapidly to one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality Currency Counters, Coin Counters, Coin Sorters, Counterfeit Detectors, Crimping Machines and other money handling equipment.

Our products are sold exclusively through a well established network of Authorized Distributors across the US and around the world.  Each Semacon distributor has been selected based on their level of integrity and expertise in money handling equipment.

At Semacon, our success is driven by focusing on the individual needs of each customer regardless of their size or type of business.  This focus directs every facet of our organization from engineering to production to quality assurance to customer service.  We pride ourselves on our ability to find solutions to special money handling challenges and can customize our machines to handle the most unique and demanding tasks.

Although we sell our products solely through distribution, our staff is always happy to consult with our customers and end users to ensure they are equipped with the necessary information to make the best possible decisions regarding their cash processing requirements.




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